Water Temp Control

A range of factors will determine the water temperature required for your Underfloor Heating system, these will include

  • The floor construction
  • The heat requirement of the space
  • The floor coverings
  • The pipe diameter and pipe centres that are used.

Generally, underfloor heating systems will run at temperatures ranging from 35oC – 50oC. If the boiler or heat source cannot supply the water at the required temperature, either thermostatic or actuated blending controls can be supplied. Typically, a secondary circulating pump would also be required where there are blending controls on the system.

Electrothermic Head Underfloor heating requires a low flow temperature, at design conditions there will be approximately a 7oC temperature drop through the underfloor heating circuits. Maincor supplies 3-port thermostatic blending valves to blend the primary flow from the boiler to mix with the underfloor heating return water to maintain the required temperature for the underfloor heating system. Maincor can supply a pre-assembled thermostatic mixing valve and pumping unit which fits directly onto the Maincor underfloor heating manifold.

An alternative method of blending the water is to use an actuated blending valve and weather compensation controller. This is generally a slightly more expensive way of controlling an underfloor heating system, however, it does offer a more efficient way of controlling the water temperature. As the outside temperature decreases, the heating requirement of the building will increase, hence the amount of energy we have to put back into the building will also increase if comfort conditions are to be maintained.