Overboard Installation Features

Installation Features

  • Quick to layout – There’s no need to lay in a brick formation, therefore less cutting of the boards.  Also it’s much easier to plan out on site. Less cutting of boards means less material wastage and dust generated.
  • Bubble design – Due to the formation of the end returns, there are countless options on pipe placement and less need for routing on site, saving time, hassle, wastage, dust and breakages.
  • Easy to handle – The boards are a handy size for carrying on site – easy for one person to manoeuvre, carry up stairs, and around corners. They are also less likely to break during handling.
  • Square edge boards – Less cutting of boards and no need to worry about lapped edges during planning. Makes the boards more robust for handling and stronger at the edges.
  • Fixing points – The boards have 3 fixing points on each channel which makes it far quicker to install the pipes – they stay put and don’t spring back out of the grooves, which saves time on site.

bubble and fixing


For complete installation details please download our brochure.