Overboard Low Profile UFH

The new Overboard system is perfect for low profile Underfloor heating applications. Ideal for projects such as extensions, kitchen refurbishments or upgrading domestic heating systems. The system is quick and easy to install, offering an energy efficient solution and a comfortable internal environment for building occupiers, that will add value to a property.

Overboard is suitable for a wide range of floor constructions, on both ground and upper floors. Using Maincor controls, manifolds, 12mm Multi-layer Composite Pipe and Maincor Overboard panels, it is possible to extend an existing heating system with minimal disruption to the floor and low height increase – making it ideal for retrofit projects.

Features & Benefits

  • Low profile heating system – Only 18mm high, minimal increase to floor height.
  • Dry assembly – Dry alternative to wet screed systems which reduces the time on site, benefitting the build programme.sales
  • Thermal comfort – The dense boards conduct heat evenly, creating a uniform heat distribution.
  • Space saving – Where maximum room area is at a premium.
  • Unobtrusive – Minimum disruption when installing in existing buildings.
  • Full room coverage – The entire floor area is acting as a heat emitter which provides a higher output than an alternative plastic end-panel system.
  • Quality material – Precision engineered, tight tolerances and quality assured.
  • Fixing points – The boards have 3 fixing points on each channel which makes it far quicker to install the pipes.
  • Easy planning – The end returns are exactly half the size of the main boards which means that less cutting is required and it’s quicker to plan and install.
  • Solid finish – The boards are fixed down which gives a solid feel underfoot and a stable platform for the flooring above.
  • Ergonomic – Overboard ‘straight’ panels weigh 14kg  – suitable for one man lifts.
  • Cost effective solution – Competitive pricing coupled with a better technical performance making this the best solution on the market.

As seen in the ‘At Home with Sarah Beeny’ magazine Autumn 2016 – to view the magazine click here

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