Floor Constructions

Maincor underfloor heating is suitable for use with a wide range of floor constructions including:

Solid Floors

The underfloor heating pipes are laid onto insulation board placed over a solid concrete base. Screed is then poured over the top of the pipes. This construction is typically used on ground floors or block and beam floors.

Low Profile Dry Screed Board

The underfloor heating pipes (12mm MLC pipe) are laid within 18mm Overboard (pre-routed high density boards) offering a low profile solution. Lends itself to situations where minimal floor height adjustments are desired such as retrofit projects.

Suspended Floors Mainfoil System

Uses a bubble aluminium foil which laps up and over the joists to create a sealed air void. The aluminium foil reflects the radiant heat up to the underside of the floor, which in turn heats the room.

Suspended Floors – Heat Emission Plates

Maincor Aluminium Heat Emission Plates are supported by the joists (400mm centres). The plates are grooved so that the underfloor heating pipework can be fitted into them. The plates diffuse the heat for an even heat distribution across the floor.

Floating Floors

Maincor supplies a range of polystyrene panels in various density grades. The panels range from 30mm to 70mm depending on the solution required. The panels are pre-routed so that heat emission plates can be laid directly into the panels. Once this is complete the pipework can be installed into the plates. A floating floor is then laid over the top of the system.

Low Profile Floating Floor

The Low Profile Floating Floor system utilises 12mm MLC pipe laid into 15mm thick pre-routed polystyrene panels. The boards are covered in an aluminium foil which acts as the heat emitter, effectively spreading the heat evenly across the entire floor.