RHI Compliance & Warranty

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Confirmation of RHI Compliance

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), is a government backed scheme designed to encourage the use of renewable technologies in building projects. The RHI will provide finance in the form of a tariff, which will be paid to the customer for up to 20 years in commercial and 7 years in domestic applications.

Maincor supply pre-insulated pipework which is manufactured in Denmark in ISO 9001 & 14001 premises by LOGSTOR. The OFGEM-administered RHI scheme requires pipework to be “properly insulated” in accordance with EN 15632 Parts 1 & 2. LOGSTOR pipework is manufactured in accordance with this requirement and pipework is marked at 1 meter intervals confirming that the European Norm is adhered too. OFGEM have recognised LOGSTOR Flextra pre-insulated Pipe as “properly insulated”.

Since Maincor supplied pre insulated pipework is “properly insulated”, the associated heat loss can be disregarded in the following circumstances:

For each individual external pipe that is 10m or less in length

Where the annual average heat loss in kWhth from all external pipe is less than 3% of the projected annual output of the plant in kWhth.

Maincor Pre-Insulated Pipe Warranty

Maincor pre-insulated pipe range (Flextra Pipe and Fittings), for a period of 5 years Maincor will replace:

Maincor pre-insulated pipe systems which demonstrate defects that shall be shown to derive from production or material defects attributable to the negligence of the manufacturer.

No guarantee shall be accepted for laying and installation errors.

The technical documentations and instructions for use shall be decisive.

Site specific extended warranty is available on application. Pressure test certification is required to be completed by installation engineer and supplied to Maincor for an extended warranty.