AustroPUR pre-insulated pipe is quick and easy to install with long lengths available and a small bend radius allowing it to work around existing buildings and natural features. These features minimise the need for joints and makes the product ideal for use in even the most congested of sites in both simple A to B and district heating applications.

  • Customised Lengths – Pipe can be cut to length to suit your project requirements, minimising wastage and joints
  • Easy Roll Out – The coils are easy to unroll by hand
  • Hand Tools Only – No specialist tools are required
  • All Joints are Mechanical – No welding or soldering
  • Easy Building Entry Fixtures – Easy to install fittings makes it simple to connect the pipe to the building’s heating and water systems
  • Long Lengths – Coil configurations range from 85m to 340m lengths – please check our Austroflex technical guide for details
  • Narrow Trenches – Minimising excavation and restoration costs – due to the small bend radius and availability of twin and quad pipes.