AustroPUR single and twin

Flexible pre-insulated, self-compensating pipe, suitable for use as a district heating pipe for central heating systems. Corrosion-resistant transport pipe in cross-linked PE-Xa in accordance with DIN 16892/16893, with red oxygen diffusion barrier EVOH in accordance with DIN 4726 is embedded in an elastic, CFC-free foam insulation made from polyurethane. The peripherality made from cross-linked PE-X with closed microcellular structure together with the corrugated outside casing in PE-HD ensures high-grade protection to the piping system.

• Max operating pressure: 6,6 bar at +95°C
• Max fluid temperature: +95°C
• PE-Xa pipes: SDR 11
• At 250mm outer casing the delivery form is in 12m bars
• Specific dimension on request

AustroPUR Sani single & double (10 bar)

Flexible pre-insulated and self-compensating double pipe primarily intended for the distribution of sanitary hot water, warm potable and thermal water. Corrosion-resistant medium pipe made of cross-linked PE-Xa according to DIN 16892/16893, embedded in an elastic and CFC-free foam insulation made of polyurethane. The peripheral layer of cross-linked PEX with a closed microcellular structure, together with the corrugated outer shell made of PE-HD, ensures maximum flexibility and optimum protection of insulation and carrier pipe.

• Max operating pressure: 10 bar at +95°C
• Max operating temperature: +95°C
• PE-Xa pipes: SDR 7.4
• Specific dimension on request