Why use MLCP?

Why Use MLCP?

  • Formstable – easily formed by hand and no spring back.
  • 100% Oxygen Barrier – no consequent corrosion to primary equipment.
  • Low Rates of Expansion – reduced fixing time. Fix and design as per copper.
  • Hygienically Clean – no swarf or debris in pipe and the aluminium core allows the inner plastic layer to have no pigment, making it toxicologically clean.
  • Conforms to NHBC Traceability Requirements – aluminium barrier means identification strips are not needed.
  • No Scrap Value – means no risk of metal theft.
  • Paint Finish – the high standard of finish in white means no second line painting is required.
  • Speed – coming from a coil, MLCP can easily be threaded through a building and there is virtually no scrap. Being formstable and capable of tight bends, fewer elbows are required. This all leads to much faster installation times than traditional copper and lower installed costs.