Pipe Systems

Multilayer Pipe and Copper

Our multilayer pipe systems are gradually winning the argument to replace copper as the plumber’s choice of pipe. The high level of copper use in the UK market shows that for everyday use, many installers are not convinced that pushfit plastic plumbing gives the performance they need.

Our product addresses two particular issues. Firstly, our multilayer pipe is very competitive against copper and in such a volatile metals market, much more price stable. Secondly, it addresses the main performance requirements : it is formstable, has low expansion rates and a 100% oxygen barrier. It also has none of the disadvantages of copper : it cannot corrode and is highly resistant to furring and scaling. Our multilayer pipe is easily connected to existing copper installations.

In an industry dominated by copper and plastic, multilayer pipe is effectively the third way of plumbing.

MLCP Applications

Our MLC pipe is suitable for domestic and commercial plumbing, underfloor heating and cooling and radiator heating. In fact, it can be used in a huge variety of plumbing, heating and process engineering applications where the maximum long term operating parameters do not exceed 10 bar or 95°C.