New Overboard Retrofit UFH Systems

New Overboard Retrofit UFH Systems

Maincor are pleased to introduce Overboard for retrofit underfloor heating applications. Ideal for projects such as extensions, kitchen refurbishments or upgrading domestic heating systems, the system is quick and easy to install, offering an energy efficient solution and a comfortable internal environment for building occupiers. The underfloor heating pipes (12mm Multi-Layer Composite Pipe) are laid within the 18mm thick pre-routed Overboard panels offering a low profile solution which lends itself to situations where minimal floor height adjustments are desired. This makes the Overboard system suitable for virtually any property desiring UFH with its indoor comfort benefits, lower heating bills and reduced CO2 emissions.

Overboard is installed directly over existing floor surfaces without the need to disturb floorboards etc. The system is a dry alternative to wet screed systems therefore cutting down time on site and benefitting the build programme. The result is a system that is quick to install with minimised disruption to the building occupiers during the installation.

The Overboard panel installation is made up exclusively of dense gypsum fibre boards, which allow the heat to spread effectively across the entire area. The system does not utilise any plastic panels meaning that 100% of the floor surface is providing a high heat output resulting in greater comfort and efficiency.

The system has been designed with ease of installation and planning in mind, for example the boards don’t need to be laid in brick pattern and the end returns are exactly half the size of the main panels, which means that less cutting is required. Due to the formation of the end returns there are countless options on pipe placement reducing the need for routing on site saving time, hassle, wastage, dust and breakages. The panels are also square edge reducing cutting requirements and removing the need to worry about lapped edges during the layout stage. Most importantly the Overboard panels also have 3 fixing points on each channel which makes it far quicker to install the pipes – they stay firmly in place which saves time on site.

In addition to the panels the Overboard system includes a full range of accessories such as glue, fixings and edge strip. Maincor can also supply a full range of underfloor heating products to build a complete system such as MLCP, manifolds and controls. Maincor can provide all of the backup you may need for your project with a dedicated technical department on hand to produce quotations and advise on design and installation with a fast turnaround time.

For more information about Overboard please call 01455 555930, visit our product pages or download the latest PDF literature.

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