Flextra Pre-Insulated Pipes – Fast installation, low heat loss and diffusion barrier

Flextra Pre-Insulated Pipes - Fast installation, low heat loss and diffusion barrier

Maincor are pleased to introduce Logstor Flextra Pipe. Ideal for minimising heat loss in point-to-point heating and hot water applications, such connecting a property to an external ground source heat pump or a solar thermal installation in an outbuilding. The Flextra Pipe is available with single or twin internal pipe configurations, and also includes a built-in diffusion barrier to retain full insulation properties throughout the entire service life of the pipe. Flextra Pipe has lambda insulation properties of 0.023 W/mK, the low heat losses improves energy efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions from the building.

Flextra Pipe’s flexibility stems from a unique combination of the new corrugated outer casing and a newly formulated softer cellular insulation foam. Easy to bend by hand, Flextra Pipe is simple to install with the minimum amount of disturbance to the local area – the small bend radius allows it to work around existing buildings and natural features, also making it ideal for even the most congested of sites.

Maincor can provide all of the backup you may need for your project with a dedicated technical department on hand to produce quotations and advise on design and installation with a fast turnaround time – including project specific technical data and heat loss information. The Flextra Pipe can also be supplied cut to the required length to minimise installation time and wastage on site.

For more information on the Flextra Pre-Insulated Pipe range please visit the Flextra page or download a pdf brochure, to discuss your project call our office on 01455 555930.

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