Warranty & Compatibility

What Manufacturer Warranty do you have?

Our warranty is superior to many of the leading brands.  For a period of ten years Maincor will replace :
1. Maincor pipe systems which demonstrate defects that shall be shown to derive from production or material defects attributable to the negligence of the manufacturer
2. Damage to the property of third parties by Maincor product defects
3. The expenses of third parties emanating from the removal, disassembly, acceptance or uncovering of defective Maincor products and caused by the installation and laying of defective Maincor products delivered by us.
The guarantee shall extend to all Maincor system parts such as pipes and fittings, where we have made the delivery. The Maincor insured warranty which covers consequential damage up to the value of €3 million. In addition to this an insured guarantee is offered which covers Public Liability and Third Party insurance to the value of €2 million.

What about product compatibility?

Maincor supply compression adapters which take the 16mm pipe to 15mm compression, 20mm pipe to 22mm compression and from 25mm pipe to 28mm compression which makes easy to integrate Maincor pipe and fittings into an existing copper system.
In addition to these fittings a full range of press to male or female connectors are available or alternatively we can supply fittings which go from a press fitting to a copper tail and a plated version is also available.