What is manifold plumbing?

Basically it means that all of the plumbing for taps and appliances come from a central point.  This means that if ever the need arises you can isolate just one appliance rather than having to shut off the whole system.  By using our flexible Maincor pipe you can reduce the number of fittings (and chance of problems) by bending the pipe into place. Manifold plumbing completely eliminates use of joints in floors, walls and ceilings, allows isolation over every appliance and is fast and easy to install

Do I have to use special fittings with Maincor pipe?

We do have our own range of fittings and we are WRAS approved for use with Maincor fittings; but you can connect to traditional compression fittings for copper pipe systems by using our range of compression adaptors.
Maincor supply a full range of press fittings which all come with full WRAS approval. Alternatively it is possible to connect standard bodies via the Maincor compression adapters.

How does the Maincor press tooling system work?

The press tooling system is incredibly simple.  You bevel the pipe, slot on the fitting and press with the press gun to make it secure
We are currently offering a special deal on the pipe gun. Please contact your local Area Sales Manager for further details or call head office on 01455 555930.

Can I connect Maincor pipe and fittings directly to a boiler?

Most boiler manufactures require a minimum 2m of a metal pipe before converting to a plastic or multilayer pipe. Please check with the boilers installation instructions prior to making any connections directly to the boiler.