Expecting a 2015 Price Increase?

Expecting a 2015 Price Increase?

Not Yet! Maincor are pleased to announce that unlike some other key industry players who have announced recent and significant price increases, we have no plans at present to increase our prices, we always give 3 months notification of any changes and what’s more we allow an additional period of time to honour existing quotations for our customers.

In our seven-year trading history we have only ever implemented four price increases, and at present there is no change to our list pricing. We pride ourselves on our service and support and part of that is maintaining budgeting stability for our customers, which is of the utmost importance to us.

At long last the industry is now starting to see an upturn in sales, which coupled with our 2014 pricing, is the perfect opportunity for our customers to request a quote from our sales or technical team on their projects.

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