Domestic Systems Overview

Sophisticated Controls

Using a wide range of wired and radio controlled systems, including app enabled technology, means that room temperatures can be individually controlled, allowing for maximum flexibility, whilst increasing the energy efficiency of the building.

Underfloor Heating Systems

UFH is suitable for a wide range of floor constructions, on both ground and upper floors. Using Maincor controls, manifolds, 12mm, 16mm or 20mm pipes and accessories, it is simple to create individual heating systems with the comfort required. UFH can be easily combined with radiator systems for extensions and conservatories, or to create a mixed heating system offering radiators on upper floors if required.

Radiator Manifold Systems

This system offers simple radiator isolation and, with no joints in the building fabric, a much reduced chance of leakage. The Maincor range of system controls allows for improved comfort levels and increased energy efficiency saving money for the home owner or tenants.

Plumbing Systems

With simple individual isolation of appliances, a manifold plumbing system provides a safe, secure and easy plumbing solution.

When using MLCP there are no joints within the building fabric which reduces the chance of leakage and gives fast and easy installation. For domestic applications MLCP is available in the common sizes of 16mm, 20mm and 32mm diameters. A wide range of press and compression fittings are available to suit.

Pre-Insulated Pipes

Whilst providing efficient transfer of hot and cold water between buildings, pre-insulated pipes are especially suited for the transfer of hot water from heat pump or biomass systems or from district heating.