Case Study – Pre-Insulated Pipe, Ayrshire

Case Study - Pre-Insulated Pipe, Ayrshire

Project: High Langmuir Farm, Ayrshire, Scotland
Date: January 2015
Systems: Logstor Pre-Insulated Pipe

Project Details
140kW Heating load over six individual buildings, using Flextra pipe to connect a biomass system to plumbing and radiator heating systems in a farmhouse, two cottages, a workshop, office and store.

The farmhouse has 32 radiators throughout the property with the cottages using another 7 radiators each; the system also incorporates three additional hot air units of 40/20/20kW.

The project was installed with support provided by Maincor in design, product selection and on-site assistance for the installation.

Client Testimonial
We have been impressed with the considerable attention to detail shown by Maincor and the willingness to be involved in our projects from the early design stage through to installation. The level of assistance given has been superb and the new Flextra pipe has all the insulation qualities of the original product, combined with ease of use and installation that makes the job so much simpler. The support from our area representative has been truly second to none with a level of follow up care that has always been rare in any company.

When combined with a highly competitive pricing structure, quick delivery times and good availability across normal sizes it has proved a winning product.

Jim Faulds, Renewables Specialist


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